Editing Recurring Giving Donations as an Admin

This guide provides Tithely admins essential steps to modify recurring donations, including editing amounts, altering schedules, canceling, skipping payments, and enabling donations to cover fees. It outlines necessary user permissions for accessing the Giving Product. This resource is designed for account owners, admins, and users with limited access, ensuring they have the knowledge needed for efficient management of recurring donations on the Tithely platform.

User Permissions needed to access Giving 
Account Owner, Admin, or Limited Access with access granted to the Giving Product. If you have additional questions please reference this article.

Editing a Recurring Donation for a Donor

  1. Login to your Tithely account.

  2. Select Giving on the left-hand menu.
  3. Select Recurring Gifts from the Giving menu on the left-hand side of the page.

  4. Select the donor whose recurring donation you'd like to edit.
    Gift details will load for the chosen donor.

  5. Click Edit to the right of Gift Details.

  6. An Edit Gift Details card will load allowing you to edit: 

    • Amount
    • Schedule 
    • End Date
    • Skip Date 
    • Cover the Fees
  7. Once you've made your desired changes, click Save Changes.

Edit the Recurring Donation Amount

Simply update the donation amount in the Amount section.

Change the Schedule of the Recurring Donation

Use the drop-down arrows on the Schedule and Day of the Week options to select a new schedule. You can see when the next donation is scheduled to be processed directly under these fields. This updates each time you edit the schedule.

  • If a schedule is weekly or biweekly, you can choose which day of the week you'd like the donation to process.

  • If a schedule is monthly, you can choose the day of the month you'd like the donation to process. Any date chosen past the 28th will automatically change the schedule to End of Month, ensuring that no months are skipped with only certain months have 29-31 days.

  • Once an End Date has been set for a recurring donation, that date cannot be changed.

Cancel the Recurring Donation Immediately or on a Specified Date

You can cancel a recurring gift by clicking the Cancel Recurring Gift option at the bottom right of the card. If a donor would like to continue to give until a certain date, you can schedule an end date to their recurring donation by entering a date in the Cancel Gift On field.

Note: Once an End Date has been set for a recurring donation, that date cannot be changed.

Skip a Recurring Donation until a Specified Date

Enter a date into the Skip Gifts Until date field. This will schedule when the donors' donations will resume.

Set a Donation to Cover the Fees

Set the donation to cover the fees or not by clicking the Cover Fees option. Once it's green, Cover the Fees is active.
Please Note: Any fees covered by a donor are tax deductible.

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