How to Embed Your Breeze Calendar on Your Tithely Site

Display your Breeze church calendar directly on your Tithely website for seamless event management and improved community engagement. This simple guide walks you through embedding your calendar step-by-step. Keep your congregation informed and easily share upcoming events, all within your Tithely site.

Video Tutorial

Get Your Breeze Calendar Embed Code


  1. Log in to your Breeze account and navigate to Events
  2. On the events page, select the gear icon dropdown at the right and select Embed. 
  3. Click Show Options to customize the embedded calendar.
    1. Include: Select which Calendar to Embed if you have multiple calendars.
    2. View: Grid or List view
    3. Size: Small, Medium, Large
    4. Color: Match Calendar, or select a custom color 
  4. Copy the embed code. 

Add Your Breeze Calendar to Your Tithely Site

  1. Login to your Tithely Site and navigate to the page you'd like to embed your Breeze Calendar.
  2. Add a Text with Photo block type by clicking + on the left side of any page and selecting Text with Photo from the Block options. 
  3. Click Edit Block and then Layouts. Select a text-only layout. 
  4. Click Edit Content (pencil icon). 
  5. Select the Source Code option (<>) in the text body area. Paste your Breeze Calendar embed code.
  6. Click the Save Block Element button.  
    Your Breeze Calendar has now been embedded into your Tithely site! Updates made in Breeze will be automatically updated and displayed in this embedded calendar.