Why Can't I Delete Someone from Tithely People?

This guide explains why certain profiles become non-deletable and offers a practical workaround to address this issue while maintaining your data's integrity. Understanding the relationship between People profiles and Giving records is crucial, as it impacts profile management within Tithely’s ecosystem. This article provides step-by-step instructions for renaming profiles to "Archived" as an effective solution for managing these essential records.

Why Can't I Delete Someone from Tithely People?

You might have noticed that in certain cases, deleting a person from Tithely People isn't possible. This typically occurs when the individual in question has been assigned an admin role at any point in time. If you find you can’t delete a certain profile, it is because it is likely internally linked to an admin role at some point. This link can not be removed and the profile can not be deleted from People.

The Connection Between People and Giving

The link between People profiles and Giving records is intricate. Generally, when someone makes a contribution, a People profile is automatically created and linked to them. This integration ensures a seamless experience across Tithely's suite of tools.

Handling Admin Profiles

If a profile associated with a donation is invited to become an admin, that profile becomes a permanent part of your Tithely account's infrastructure. This is because the profile may be linked to essential records or other systems that rely on its presence.

In light of this, if an admin or a person associated with significant records needs to be removed from visibility due to staffing changes or other reasons, completely deleting their profile isn't feasible. Instead, we recommend an alternative approach to address this need while maintaining the integrity of your account's data.

Recommended Solution: Renaming to "Archived"

To effectively remove references to a person without deleting their essential profile, we suggest the following steps:

  1. Locate the profile you wish to modify in Tithely People.
  2. Remove or anonymize the personal details from the profile as necessary.
  3. Change the First and Last names of the profile to “Archived” or a similar non-identifiable term. This action helps maintain your records' integrity while effectively removing the person’s active presence in your system.
  4. Document Your Changes: We recommend documenting any changes made to profiles, especially when renaming them to "Archived." This documentation can be helpful for future reference and ensures transparency within your church's administrative records.