Sites FAQ

Can we give someone access to only edit a specific area of the website?

Yes! The Account Owner and Admin Users of the Tithely account can access the website directly from within the Tithely dashboard using the Sites link in the left side menu and will see all areas of the website. 
Anyone other than the Account Owner or Tithely Admin users can access the website through the website domain (or staging domain) and use the login link found in the footer or by adding/login after the domain (ie:
The Account Owner or Tithely Admins will need to create a user on the website for additional Site admins, when creating a site admin you will be able to set permissions for different areas of the website. 

How do I change my template?

Once you have completed The site builder there is no way to go back to select a different theme. 
All templates have the same features and functionality the only difference is the aesthetics. The template is a great place to start and you can completely modify and customize the aesthetic within the Site Design area of the site.

How do I upload my logo?

You can upload your church logo within the Design area of their site (Admin > Design > Logo).

Why is there a white box behind my logo?

If you notice a white box behind your logo, it is likely you have uploaded a jpg which doesn't have a transparent background. We recommend uploading a png with a transparent background.

Can I upload my own custom fonts?

At this time we do not offer the ability to upload custom fonts. Choose from several Google fonts that are preloaded onto the platform (Admin > Design > Fonts).

I would like square buttons on my site but mine are round, can we change that?

The button style can be updated within the Design area of the site settings (Admin > Design > Buttons).

We would like to use the Newsletter Feature but we don’t call it a newsletter, can we change the signup area to say “Weekly Bulletin”?

Absolutely. Most hardcoded language used on the Sites platform can be customized within the translations panel of the site settings (Admin > Settings > Translations). This is also true for changing the language of a site.

How do we add more staff to our staff page?

Each staff person is added as a user and assigned to the Staff Group. Then using the User/People block all staff can profiles can be easily displayed on a page.

I added a menu item but when I click on it it says “page not found,” help!

This typically occurs when the link to the page is incorrect. A page must first be created to be able to link to it.

There’s an image showing on my ministry page, how do I remove it?

Program (ministry page) thumbnails can be hidden on a program page. Keep in mind, the thumbnail is important as it displays on the associated Collection pages but can absolutely be hidden on an individual program page.

Can I copy a block to another page?

This is not possible at this time. You can clone (copy) a block to the same page. 

I create a page but want it to be a Program, is there a way to convert it to a Program?

This is not possible at this time.

Why have all our News (and Blog) posts dropped off the block on the homepage?

Posts are only relevant for a short period of time, for that reason news and blog posts older than 90 days will automatically no longer be displayed on a block.

Is there a limit to how many pages or content we can upload to our website?

No limit. You can create an unlimited number of pages and upload as much content as you'd like.

We signed up for a website and we would also like to have custom emails, can you help?

Tithely does not provide custom email setup. We suggest exploring providers such as Google for Nonprofits.

We have a large number of past sermons, how do we add those to our new website?

We have a one-time RSS importer for Sermons. Once imported, simply upload your sermons to the website each week.

Does Tithely Sites support FTP?

No, Tithely Sites does not support File Transfer Protocol.
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