Add Breeze Giving to your Tithely Site


Breeze Giving is a platform designed to simplify the process of accepting donations for churches and nonprofits. If you have a website built using the platform, integrating Breeze Giving can enhance your donation collection capabilities. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you add Breeze Giving to your site.


  1. Gather Your Breeze Giving Embed Code:

  2. Login to Your Site:

    • Go to the page or section where you want the Breeze Giving widget. This might be a 'Give' page or a specific section on your homepage.
  3. Add the Breeze Giving Embed Code:

  4. Save and Preview:

    • Once the code is added, save the changes.
    • Preview the page to ensure the Breeze Giving widget appears as expected.
  5. Celebrate:

    • If everything looks good on your page, you have successfully added Breeze Giving to your Tithely Site.


  • Monitor the donations received through Breeze Giving to ensure everything is working seamlessly.
  • Reach out to Breeze or customer support if you encounter any issues during the embed process.


Embedding Breeze Giving on your site can provide a seamless donation experience for your visitors. Follow the steps above to get started, and always ensure you're offering a secure and user-friendly platform for your donors.

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