Add Breeze Giving to your Tithely Site

Breeze Giving is a platform designed to simplify the process of accepting donations for churches and nonprofits. If you have a website built using the platform, integrating Breeze Giving can enhance your donation collection capabilities. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you add Breeze Giving to your site.

How to Add Breeze Giving to Your Tithely Site

  1. Gather Your Breeze Giving Embed Code by follow the steps here: How to Embed Breeze Giving

  2. Log into Tithely.
    Note: Ensure you have the correct Sites permissions to edit Tithely Sites.

  3. Select Sites

  4. Select Admin.
  5. Select Pages.
  6. Select the Page you would like to add Breeze Giving to.
  7. Select the Pencil Icon to edit the content of the page.
  8. Paste The Breeze Giving Embed Code
  9. Save and Preview.

Tithely Tip

Test a donation through your newly embedded Breeze Giving to ensure the form is set up and working correctly.


Embedding Breeze Giving on your Tithely site can provide a seamless donation experience for your visitors. Follow the steps above to get started, and always ensure you're offering a secure and user-friendly platform for your donors.

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