How to Optimize Tithely Sites For Mobile View

For clarity and optimization on various devices, Tithely Sites automatically adjusts your church website's layout to match the screen size of desktops, tablets, or mobile phones. This adaptive feature ensures a seamless user experience across all devices. To enhance mobile viewing further, consider these best practices below.


To enhance your church's website for mobile users, consider these best practices for designing on Tithely Sites:

  • Center Text in Images: Ensure text in images and graphics are centered to avoid cutoffs when the site adjusts for different screen sizes.
  • Simplify Content: Streamline your content for easier navigation on mobile devices.
  • Optimize for Mobile Viewing: While Tithely Sites automatically adjusts the site's height for mobile, width adjustments are manual. Create mobile-specific blocks for a tailored experience.

For detailed guidance on optimizing your site for mobile, check out Optimize a Block for Mobile on Sites.

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