Important SMS Regulation Changes

We'd like to address some imminent changes in the telecom industry that will directly influence our SMS delivery services. These changes arise from new regulatory mandates and aren't specific to Tithely, but they are crucial for all our users to understand. Please read on to understand how it might affect your interactions with our platform.

These updates affect our Text Giving and Tithely Messaging services. 

Overview of the Regulation Change

From November 8th, 2023: SMS messages that contain URLs will not be sent until the associated customer line is designated as "Fully Approved". This approval process can take up to 3 weeks.

By January 31st, 2024: The industry-wide change will expand to encompass all SMS messages. This means that any SMS, irrespective of its content, will not be sent until its corresponding customer line has achieved "Fully Approved" status.

Understanding the Approval Process

Previous Procedure:

  • When a new customer line was set up, it needed to be registered before it could send any SMS traffic.
  • After registration, this line would be labeled as “Pending Approval”. Moving from this status to "Fully Approved" usually took around 3 weeks.

What’s New:

  • Lines with a “Pending Approval” status can send SMS messages, but only at restricted rates. However, this will change as per the dates mentioned above.
  • Lines that have reached the "Fully Approved" status can freely send SMS traffic without any limitations.

How This May Impact You:

Due to these regulatory changes, there could be delays in SMS services, especially for new customers or for particular SMS content:

  • For New Customers: After registering, expect an approximate 3-week wait before you can make full use of the SMS services.

  • For Existing Users: If your lines are in the “Pending Approval” status:

    • You may face limitations when trying to send SMS with URLs.
    • Starting January 31st, 2024, all SMS, regardless of content, will be restricted until your line achieves the "Fully Approved" status.
    • This approval stratus is not maintained or controlled by Tithely. This is only managed through our SMS provider.

Why Is This Happening?

The telecom industry is adopting these regulatory modifications to strengthen security and curb the potential misuse of SMS services. This is a unified effort from telecom operators to promote a more secure messaging environment for everyone.

Steps You Can Take:

  • Be Proactive: If you're planning on leveraging Tithely's SMS features, particularly for vital communications, make sure to get your lines to the "Fully Approved" status ahead of time by following the steps in this article: Registering Your Messaging Phone Number.

  • Stay Informed: Regularly check Tithely’s announcements and notifications. We pledge to provide timely updates on any new developments or clarifications.

  • Ask Us: Questions or uncertainties? Our dedicated support team is ready to assist. Please feel free to get in touch.

Your seamless experience remains our priority. We appreciate your patience and collaboration as we navigate these changes together.

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