Getting Started with Tithely: Creating Your Account

Ready to dive into the world of Tithely and create an account? Fantastic! You're on the right track. Here's a step-by-step guide to kickstart your journey of accepting donations and amplifying your church's outreach. From setting up your account details to exploring our features, we'll ensure you're equipped to make the most of your experience.

Step 1: Schedule a Demo

Begin by scheduling a demo with our sales team to explore our diverse product offerings, including:

  • Tithely Giving
  • Text Giving
  • Custom Websites
  • Custom Apps
  • Messaging
  • Church Management Software (ChMS) like Breeze or Elvanto
  • And more!

Discover how Tithely can cater to your church's unique needs. Schedule a demo today!

Step 2: Gather Requirements

Before creating your account, familiarize yourself with the requirements to create an account with Tithely. Ensure you have all necessary information and documents ready.

Step 3: Sign Up for Your Tithely Account

Ready to make it official? Click here to sign up for your Tithely Account. The process includes:

  1. Creating your account
  2. Providing basic church information
  3. Entering banking details
  4. Submitting information for the authorized legal representative

For insights on the role of a legal representative and why a Social Security Number (SSN) is required, explore these articles: Understanding the Role of a Legal Representative at Tithely, Why do I have to provide a Social Security Number (SSN)?

Step 4: Get Verified

To ensure secure transactions, your account needs verification. Here's how:

  • Expect a call and email from your account representative for verification. Respond promptly to complete the verification process.
  • If you miss the verification email or call, you can book your verification call here. Ensure you use the same email address used to sign up for Tithely.

Congratulations! You're all set! Your Tithely Giving account is fully set up and ready to make a difference.

Next Steps

Eager to embark on your Tithely journey? Check out our Getting Started Article for an awesome checklist to guide you through your next steps.