Service plans function as a runsheet or schedule which lists items and elements of a service within the system. Things that might be included would be ‘offering’ or ‘sermon’, as well as any songs that are to be played by the music team.

Within a service plan, you can attach items, headings, descriptions or songs to help clock the running of a service. Using this feature helps services run smoothly and efficiently, as well as providing a great reference tool for leaders and volunteers on the day.

Keeping track of songs

Whenever you want to add a new song to your service, you can see when it was last played, and how many times you’ve played it. You can also filter this setting to only show the ‘last played’ and ‘times used’ for your location or service.

Service Notes

Service notes are a great way to add extra information to your service plan. Using ChMS LIVE, anyone can access these notes. For example, the host can access all the weekly announcements if you put them in a note in the service plan.

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