Troubleshooting: Clearing Cookies & Cache

Because Tithely is web-based and operates on a browser, there are some scenarios when data might not populate correctly, an export might get stuck, or a video in our support channel may not play properly. Occasionally, you may experience issues such as data not populating correctly, stuck exports, or videos not playing in our support channels. This article aims to address potential causes of these problems and provide step-by-step resolutions. From clearing cookies and cache to updating your browser, we'll guide you through the process to ensure smooth operation.

Potential Causes:

  • Internet Explorer (all versions)
  • Cookies / Cache needing to be cleared
  • Firewall/Network restriction
  • Clicking the browser's 'back' button when running exports (still being tested to confirm) 


  1. Check to see if you run into the same problem on a different computer. If it works on a different computer, that's awesome! But we still want it to work on yours so now let's move to step 2!
    If it doesn't work on a second computer it might be a network hangup (e.g. virus protection, firewall, etc.). If you don't have a firewall or anti-virus protection on your computers it still might be isolated to the browser then.
  2. Check your browser to ensure it's updated (we prefer using Google Chrome, but support some other browsers as well). For Google Chrome, click the three, vertical dots in the upper right-hand corner - move your mouse down to "Help" and then over to "About Google Chrome." This will populate the latest version number and will update if needed. If no update was needed then move to step 3.
  3. Clear your browser's cookies and cache.
  4. Try running that export again! If you're still running into a hangup please contact our support team so we can continue troubleshooting with you!