Adding A Group Image

How to change or add an image for your group in the App

These changes can all be made from within the app, please note these changes can only be performed by the Group Leader.
  1. Select your Group in the app
  2. Go to Settings and select Edit in the top corner. There you will see the option to Choose Image.
  3. Once selected, you can choose an image on your device or take a picture. From there you can adjust the image to make it fit how you would like.
  4. Once satisfied select Choose and then Save on the main page.
To make any adjustments to your image after adding,  you will need to replace the image and follow those same steps.  An image is always required, so if you remove the image the app will automatically reassign the default image that was there before so it will never be blank.

Each group has a color overlay applied to the image to ensure the text can be read easily. The color is part of the app color scheme and cannot be changed by the Group Leader. 
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