How to Leverage Your Church App During an Online Only Season

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been speaking with churches about the new challenges of going to an “online only” version of church. Many church leaders have asked us how they can best leverage their church app during this season. 

Using social media and email are great ways to communicate with your congregation, but during this unusual time specifically, it will be helpful to have one place where your congregation knows to go for everything—make it your church app! 

Here are three ways you can leverage your church app to promote community and engagement during this season:

1. Send more push notifications than you normally would

Push notifications are a great way to send reminders and communicate with your congregation. 

We recommend that you send more push notifications during this time than you normally would. For most of your church, it’s the only way they will hear from you. 

Offer encouragement by sending Bible verses and thoughts from your pastor. Also, don’t forget to remind and encourage people to invite their friends and family to your online Easter service.

Give the app download link to your church so others can easily download your church app to get connected and watch your services online.

2. Make livestream available in your church app.

If you’ve put off streaming your weekly services until now, there’s no better time to start.

Now, more than ever, people want to feel connected and you just need your phone to stream. Most churches are livestreaming their “services” that are actually taking place in the pastor’s home. You don’t need a sound guy or anyone else. Just set up your phone to record and get started.

We recommend using services like YouTube or Vimeo for sharing your livestreams. 

Want to take your livestream to the next level? 

Use Church Online Platform to optimize your livestream church services. 

Viewers can virtually say yes to Jesus, and there’s a built-in chat room for them to connect with others while watching the services! 

3. Engage with your church through your church app features

Our church app offers many different ways to stay connected with your congregation during this “online only” season. Encourage church members to support each other through our Prayer Wall feature by sharing their prayer requests and committing to praying for one another. 

Use our App Pages feature to create a custom weekly bulletin that includes any news or items related to your “online only” services. You can put anything that you would normally include in a printed weekly bulletin here! Continue to use a digital bulletin even after you begin to meet for services in person and save money by not printing as many weekly bulletins. 

There are so many other features that you can use during this season.

But here’s the key takeaway: 

Make sure you use at least one of these tools to build community. 

We know many people are struggling with isolation due to social distancing. There’s no better time to leverage technology to remind people that they are a part of your local church. 

If you’ve found other ways to connect with people via our church app, please share it with us.

We would love to share all of the ways churches can make sure their congregations stay engaged during this season! We’re so thankful to be a partner with your church and the capital-C, universal Church. 

Please let us know if you need anything at all! 

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