Creating Photo Albums on Your Church App

Uploading photos and photo albums to your app can be easy!  After logging into your App Dashboard, click the “New Album” tab at the top of the page. Enter a title for your album and, if you so wish, add a description. You have the option to change the upload date, which is automatically defaulted to the date and time you clicked “New Album”. By unselecting the checked box next to it, you will have the option to change the date that the album appears on in the News Feed section of your app. So, if you want it to appear some time in the past or the future, you can enable this feature.

To upload photos, click “Add New” and you will be prompted to select the photo(s) you wish to upload. To upload more than one, simply highlight the desired photo files. Then click the upload button, and your photos have been uploaded into your app!

After your album has been created, when you go to the Photos tab there will be 3 buttons: A green edit button, a blue upload button, and a yellow sort button. The green button lets you edit the album information, the blue button lets you upload more photos, and the yellow button lets you rearrange the order of the photos by clicking and dragging.

Have fun uploading your photos to your app!

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