Creating an Image Link for your Church App

Adding an image to a push notification or event will help draw in the interest of your app users. In your App Dashboard there are several areas that will allow you to add an Image Link and we want to be sure you know how to create one!


  1. Once you have selected the image you want to use in your app, you will need to upload it to an 3rd party storage space. Examples of this would be Dropbox, Amazon Images, Google Photos, etc.

  2. Once you have uploaded the image to your choice of storage space, it should provide each image a URL.

  3. Copy and Paste this URL into the area on the App Dashboard requesting an Image Link (i.e. Events, Push Notifications, Audio, etc.).


  1. Make sure the settings in your storage space are set to Public.

  2. Try to keep all images under 140KB! This will ensure the image won't effect the speed of your app.

  3. Be sure to keep these images in your storage space even after you have connected the URL to the app! If the image is ever removed from the storage space it could also be removed on your app.

  4. If the image you want to use happens to be on your website or Facebook page already you can right click on it and copy image address/link to use that image as well!

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