Using the Prayer Wall on Your Church App🎥

Users can submit a prayer request by going to the Prayer Wall section of the app and tapping “Add” in the top right corner. From there they will be able to fill out the title of their request, their name (optional), and the details of their prayer request. Once filled in, tap “Send” in the top right corner. You can also submit prayer requests from the Dashboard in the same way.

You can edit prayer requests, as well as deny them from showing in the app.

When a prayer request is submitted through the app, it shows up under "prayer wall" on the dashboard for approval.

If you’ve set your settings so that posts don’t need approval, prayer requests will appear in the app immediately. If you’ve set it so that posts do need approval (default), prayer requests will be available for review. 

Either way, you can see submitted prayer requests in the Dashboard. To approve a request, click the green checkmark on the request, or click the red “X” to deny it. You can also do this with comments, which will appear below the prayer requests.

To change the approval settings, click the “Admin” tab in the Prayer Wall section of your Dashboard and choose either option, then save.

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