Group Chat Notifications

Chat members can manage notifications in Group Chat. Notifications are handled by a per group basis 😀

Please Note: There is no global management to affect all groups.


How to Access and Edit Notification Settings From Within the Group:

  1. Open the group you're a part of in your churches app.

  2. Click Settings.

  3. Select Notifications.

  4. Set your notification preference.

    Notifications can be muted for 5 different durations.
    When a duration is chosen, the App lets you know when the setting has expired and notifications will resume (image below on the right).



  5. Select your preference of whether you would like to pause or continue to be notified when someone specifically mentions you within the chat.


    Chat Notifications


There are several other areas to see that you have unread messages:

  1. Main Groups Page: Top right chat icon 💬 with the number of unread messages.

  2. Individual Group Page: Chat button with the number of unread messages.

  3. While in an active chat, as new messages are sent users will notice a blue bar saying "X number of unread messages below."


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