Using Groups in the Church App | Leaders

Group Leaders

Within the App the Group Leader has the ability to do the following:

  • Edit the Group Info page About section

  • View the list of members in the group

  • Add/remove members to/from the group

  • Add/remove leader status from a group member (unlimited number of leaders)

  • Make a member a leader/remove leader status from a member

  • Remove a message (including image/video/gif) that was shared by a member (tap and hold on the message, tap delete)

  • Invite others to the Group via SMS (or other App on - this would be a lookup from the leader's contacts in their phone)

Leader Notifications

When someone requests to join a Private Group, Leaders will receive notifications and can Accept or Decline the new member. If approved, members will receive a notification that they have been added to the group.



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