Using Groups in the Church App

When a group is set to be visible to the App, it will appear in a list of Groups - this is like a group finder.

  1. Users will need to log into the Church App to view Groups.

  2. Users can view Groups they are a member of.

  3. Users can view all groups and search for groups.

Each group will have one of the following attributes:

  • Public - anyone can join (default)

  • Private - user would request to join
    In this case, a notification is sent through the app to the group leader requesting permission to join, a leader can approve or deny a request. If approved, members will receive a notification saying they have been added to the group.

Inviting New Group Members from the Church App

Whether a group is private or public, Leaders and Group Members have the ability to invite others to join a Group.

  1. Within a Group, tap 'Invite'

  2. Select the App you would like to use to send the invite (SMS, Email, WhatsApp, Slack, etc)

    • Invite includes a link to Church App

    • If they already have the Church App, the App will automatically open

      • If no Church App is detected on their phone, they will be taken to the apps store

    • Next, they will need to log into the Church App

      • If they do not have an account, they'll be prompted to create one

    • User will have to request to join or join the group that friend invited them to

      • Public: Join Group

      • Private: Request to Join

        • Leader receives notification and accepts/declines new member

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