Church App Single Sign-On FAQ

1. How do I set up Single Sign-On with the Church Apps dashboard?

Select Apps from the Giving 1.0 dashboard, and this will allow you to use single sign-on with Church App.

The first time you select Apps from the Giving 1.0 dashboard, you will be prompted to enter your Apps’ credentials. Once you do that your Apps account will be linked to your account. After that, you will be able to go back and forth between Giving and Apps without ever having to login to Apps again.


2. Why should I set up single sign-on?

Single Sign-On allows you to access the Church Apps dashboard from other products without needing to sign in again. This streamlines the process of using various products by allowing you to access them without having to sign into each product you use.


3. Why should a user want to create a profile?

  • Creating a user profile will help keep a member’s info up-to-date, and it also gives the member advantages when using a Church App. A few examples are:

- Syncing a user’s data across all their devices (for instance, between their

iPhone and iPad) .

- It allows a user to view their donation history in their Church App.

- Helps a user keep their data up-to-date for their church.


4. How does a user login into or create an account?

  • The process of logging in or creating an account will be prompted when a user opens the app after updating to the newest version if they have not logged in already.

  • The user can also login from the slide-out menu.


5. Is it safe to use Facebook to log in?

Absolutely. never sees your credentials when you use Facebook to log in. You are taken through Facebook’s login flow, and Facebook will return a token which is used to verify the email address that is used to log you into your account. This allows you to log in using the associated email address without needing to know your password since Facebook is proving that you own the email address.


6. Is a Church App account linked to a account in any way?

Yes. The Church App uses your account to log in a user. If a user creates a Church App account, they can use that account to donate to the church because it is a account.


7. What should I do if I can’t remember my account password?

  • If you have a Facebook account that uses the same email address, then logging in with Facebook will allow you to log in without needing your account password.

  • If you don’t use Facebook, then from the Slide-Out menu, select to Give and it will take you to a page where you can Give. In the top-right corner is the option to Log In. From there you can reset your password.


User Permissions needed for App Dashboard
User Admin, User Accounts, and User Editor found in the App Dashboard.  If you have additional questions please reference this article.


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