Downloading and Using the Tithely Church App

The Tithely Church App is a simple and quick way to find your church’s app! To find and download the Church App, go within your mobile device's app store (Google Play/iOS App Store) and search "Church App - Tithely", or click the links below!

The Church App is compatible with iOS 12.0 and newer for Apple products and Android 5 and newer. 

The Church App houses hundreds of apps from across the world! To find your church app within the Church app, just open the app and search for your church by name or zip code.


Once you have selected your church's specific app, the next time you open the Church App, you app's designs will be ready and waiting - no searching involved. This Church App will also ensure that your App Icon switches from the Logo to your church's personal logo. This app icon switcher is compatible on most mobile cellular devices. 

User Permissions needed for App Dashboard
User Admin, User Accounts, and User Editor found in the App Dashboard.  If you have additional questions please reference this article.

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