Apps Dashboard - Updates

Our new and improved Apps Dashboard allows you, as an administrator, to quickly and easily see notifications from Tithely for new products, Pendo Guide updates, etc. You can also quickly gather see metrics, make quick notifications, and see app activity where you can reject or approve posts.
Let's go through each of the dashboard features in more detail:
Step 1: Login into your App account.
When you log, you will be taken directly to our new Home Dashboard.

Home Dashboard

At the top left, you will see Dashboard and below it, Settings (Home). Home will stay for a while, so you know where to go for settings.

Welcome Banner

Next to the menu, under Dashboard, is a Welcome Banner where you can see Tithely announcements, which is static.


The updated Metrics is now on the Dashboard. You can quickly and easily see their metrics for the week, month, quarter, and year by clicking on the letters. They can see a more detailed view from the menu Analytics tab.
The view is not changeable at this time.

Quick Actions

With the new Quick Actions, you can send notifications directly from the Dashboard. You can still create notifications from the Push Messages tab.

Step 1: Click on Notifications

Step 2: Click in Subject Box and Type Message

Step 3: Type message

Step 4: Click on Send Notification
On the right side, the text appears in the smartphone image. Once sent, the notification shows up on the phone.


Prayer Request
From the dashboard, you can submit a prayer. They can also go to the Prayer Wall tab in the menu bar. It is automatically approved by you, the administrator.


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