Church App vs Developer Account

The differences between the Church App and acquiring an independent Developer's Account

Church App 

App published within the "Church App -" and comes with a custom app download link for easy and straight forward downloading

  • Custom App Content and Design - Same as having a Developer Account

  • Weekly App Version Updates

  • Custom App Icon

  • No need to setup and maintain your own Apple and Google Play Developer accounts

  • Quick access to new features and enhancements because of the weekly updates available

  • App can be made available very quickly

  • Customized App Download Link  - This link allows the user to be taken directly to the Church App, once they download the app it then takes them directly to your church app. 

Developer Account

*App designed and deployed by but deployed using your own personal Developer Accounts you would need to obtain via the App Store (for iOS users) and Google Play (for android users). The reason we have the developer account option is because starting on Jan 1st 2018, Apple started requiring organizations to have and manage their own developer account. They are not allowing us to facilitate that for you under our name.

  • Custom App Content and Design - Same as the "Church App -"

  • One Annual App Version Update

  • Custom App Icon and Launch Image

  • Must setup and maintain an Apple and Google Play Developer account

  • We take care of the app within your Developer accounts

  • Search for your app directly in the App Store and Google Play

  • Longer Process to initiate Developer accounts and approve other aspects of the app process

  • Custom app download link and direct links on the App Store and Google Play (No need to download the church app the first time as with the custom church app).

  • Apple charges $99/year to obtain a developer account + Google charges a $25 one time fee to obtain a developer account


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