Requests for Removal

People who appear on the Requests for Removal page in Tithely have requested to be removed from your church's Tithely account. Requests are made from within a Church App, when a member chooses the "Delete Account" option from their profile. For more information on the steps that users have taken to this point, see Account Deletion within Apps.

How to Access the Requests for Removal

  1. Login to your Tithely account.
  2. Go to People.
  3. Click the Settings tab on the left hand panel. 
  4. Select Requests for Removal
  5. Review the requests and "Accept" requests for removal.

User Permissions needed to View and Accept Requests for Removal
Account Owner. If you have additional questions, please reference this article.


What happens when a request for removal is accepted?

By clicking “Accept” for a request for removal, the Primary Admin will be prompted to delete this person from their Tithely account. When a person is deleted from the Requests for Removal page, the following actions take place throughout Tithely:

  1. The person's profile and all containing information is removed from Tithely and will not be accessible moving forward.

  2. Transactions in Tithely will be unaffected. All giving records will remain in Tithely Giving and will have the corresponding donor name that was provided at the time of the gift.

  3. Even though the person's profile is removed, they will still receive their tax statements when they are prepared at the end of the year.