Admin Batch Giving, Manually Recording Cash and Check Donations

Manually entering visitor's tithes and offerings into Tithely is facilitated seamlessly through our Admin Batch Giving feature. This guide will show you how to use the Tithely Admin Batch Giving Tool for efficiently recording cash and check donations, as well as processing credit, debit, and ACH bank transactions for donors. Discover the steps to accurately record and manage manual entries for tithes and offerings from both visitors and members, ensuring every contribution is accounted for in your Tithely account.


User Permissions needed to access Giving 
Account Owner, Admin, or Limited Access with access granted to the Giving Product. If you have additional questions please reference this article.

Recording Cash and Check Donations with Admin Batch Giving

  1. Log into your Tithely Account.

  2. Click on Admin Batch Giving.
    Note: If you are in Tithely 2.0 this will pull you back into the 1.0 version of Tithely.

  3. Click Run Transactions.

  4. Insert the following information:
    • Donor information
      Note: only the persons name is required
    • Email address
    • Payment type
    • Giving type
    • Card information (if needed)
  5. Click Process.
    Note: You are able to run multiple transactions at a time however we suggest submitting less than ten at a time.

Tithely Tip

#1  If you need to delete a transaction added through Admin Batch Giving follow these steps: How to Edit or Delete Gifts Entered Through Admin Batch Giving

#2  Ensure the Admin Batch Giving form is completely loaded before selecting Process. The page will have a pulsing animation as an indicator it is still loading. If the page is not fully loaded the page will encounter an error and the transactions will not be recorded. 


Adding a New Donor

When you add a new donor with Admin Batch Giving there are a few small steps you need to take. You can follow all of the above steps, just make sure and click “Add donor’s name” once you typed the donor’s name. We highly encourage you to use an email address here when adding a donor.
Please Note: If an individual email address is not provided then this will result in the inability to provide the donor with a tax receipt at the end of the financial year. In addition, if the donor has already been entered into the system the admin should enter the SAME name and email address that has already been used by the donor unless otherwise instructed. This is essential in our tracking of donor information!  

Once you add a new donor in, their donor details will populate in the “Contact Management” tab in Tithely and autofill in future Admin Batch Gifts!

That’s it! You can add as many transactions as you need. Just head over to your giving statements to see where the transaction has been run or donations have been recorded.

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