Emoji Giving with Text Giving

Tithely Text Giving allows you as a donor to customize your giving experience. You are able to text an emoji and a pre-selected amount will be given when you use the emoji! 🎉

To setup your own emoji gifts, view the instructions below!

How to Set Up Emoji Text Giving as a Donor

Please Note: You must have a Tithe.ly Donor account to use text giving. The system will automatically recognize your number if you have an account. If you don't have an account connected to your phone number, you will be prompted to create one.To setup your emoji amounts you must put the emoji, amount and designation exactly as shown below when texting the text giving number for your church. You must put the emoji, a space, the equals sign, a space, the dollar amount, a space, the fund designation. Once your setup is correct, simply text your Emoji setup to your churches text giving number.

Text Giving Emoji Setup: Emoji = Amount Fund


That’s it! From now on this will be designated as the emoji you wish to use for the amount you set. All you have to do going forward is send the emoji and you’ll receive a receipt confirmation of your donation. 

Please Note: You do not have to use the emojis listed above! Emojis can be customized to each donor’s preference. 😃

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