Canceling Text Giving

If you've accidentally signed up for text giving or simply want to deactivate the service, simply follow the instructions below to downgrade your account in no time!
All Access Customers: Text Giving is included in your package at no additional charge. If you are opting to not use the feature there is no need to cancel it.

User Permissions needed to access Billing
Account Owner and Admin Roles can manage billing and view invoices, but Limited Access users will not have access to Billing. If you have additional questions, please reference this article.

How to Cancel Text Giving for Your Organization

  1. Login to your Tithely account.

  2. Click the Global Settings button in the bottom-left corner of the screen. You can access the Global Settings from anywhere in the Tithely dashboard.

  3. Next, click Billing
    Screen Shot 2022-10-08 at 1.50.37 PM.png

  4. Select Subscriptions from the billing menu, or click the Manage Plan button.

    Screen Shot 2022-09-29 at 1.06.44 PM.png
  5. Click Back to 1.0 Subscriptions at the top right. 
    Screen Shot 2022-10-08 at 2.02.02 PM.png
  6. Select the Complete Giving option for $0/month.

  7. Click Just Use Complete Giving (Free!) at the bottom of the screen

  8. You're done!

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