Launch Tithely Giving [Email Template]

Copy the below, make any edits you'd like to make in order to tailor the message to your communication style and brand, and then send via email when launching Tithely to your church.


Hi [NAME (or insert "Hi, there" if you don't have names)],

We're excited to share that we’ve launched online giving at [CHURCH NAME HERE] through Tithely, a safe and secure giving platform that allows you to give one-time or recurring gifts!  

You can get started by using one of the below options.

1. Tithely Giving App:

Download the Tithely App from the App Store (iPhone) or Google Play Store (Android). Once you've downloaded the app, select your church and follow the same steps as above.

  • Since this is your first time giving with Tithely, you will be prompted to create an account that you can use for all future gifts. 

  • The first time, you will also need to add your credit/debit card or ACH/banking info. 

  • Once your account has been created, you won’t need to enter your personal or payment information. Just enter your PIN and give!

  • A reminder, you can set your gift up as recurring. 

    {Admin Note - Remove before sending: If you also have a custom church app we recommend you mention that here instead of the Tithely Giving App and send your churches “app download link”. Donors can give through your custom church app as well as stay engaged!}

2. Website Giving: 

Click on this link [INSERT CHURCH GIVING URL HERE] to give through the church website. It's a safe and easy way to give any time. 

3. Text-To-Give:

Simply text “give” to [INSERT TEXT-TO-GIVE NUMBER HERE] and follow the prompts to get setup and giving via text.

Check out this article for tips on how to use text giving and the graphic below.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email us back and we’d be happy to assist you further! Tithely also has articles that you may find useful. Click here to read more.

Thank you for your generosity and partnering with us to build the kingdom. 

See you on Sunday (online or in person)!


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