Managing Your Subscriptions

User Permissions needed to access Billing and Subscriptions
Account Owner and Admin Roles can manage billing and view invoices, but Limited Access users will not have access to Billing. If you have additional questions, please reference this article.

Accessing billing and updating your plan is easy! Follow the steps below to learn how.

You asked - we listened!

We are currently revamping our subscription management to serve you better. Thank you for your patience as our team works to bring subscriptions into one, easy-to-use area.

View and Manage Your Subscriptions for Messaging, Check Scanning, and Background Checks

  1. Click the Global Settings button in the bottom-left corner of the screen, which is accessible from anywhere on the Tithely dashboard.

  2. Next, click Billing.
    Screen Shot 2022-10-08 at 1.50.37 PM.png

  3. Select Subscription from the Billing menu. 

    Screen Shot 2022-10-08 at 2.05.58 PM.png
  4. You can view a number of subscriptions for our newer Products within the Subscriptions section. These Products include Messaging, Check Scanning, and Background Checks:
    Screen Shot 2022-10-08 at 2.11.57 PM.png
    On the right side of the page, you can cancel any Subscription for one of our newer Products. 
    If you have any additional charges for a Product that has metered billing, then these charges will show above the Total line:
    Screen Shot 2022-10-08 at 2.14.21 PM.pngFor some Products like Background Checks, these additional charges will not be immediately displayed after you purchase a check. This is because costs can vary and we will not show the cost until we have a final cost.
    At the bottom of the Subscriptions section you can find the "Total" line which lets you see what card will be billed for the next Invoice, when the next Invoice will be issued, the anticipated cost for the next invoice, as well as the ability to change the payment method that will be used:
    Screen Shot 2022-10-08 at 2.17.26 PM.png

View and Manage Subscriptions for Church Apps, Sites, Elvanto, or All Access

If you need to view subscriptions for anything other than Messaging, Background Checks, and Check Scanning, then you can do so by selecting Back to 1.0 Subscriptions in the top-right corner of the Subscriptions page:
Screen Shot 2022-10-08 at 2.19.55 PM.png

To update your subscription, click on the product you'd like to switch to:

Subscriptions, Update My Plan

Once you have selected the Product you want to subscribe to, then the next step is to choose the payment method to use. Below the list of Products is the option to either use the Card on File or to add a New Card. Once you have the desired Payment Method set, select Update my Plan! to finalize the change. 

Please Note: If you are switching from one paid subscription to another, your first month will be charged a prorated rate. 

Looking to Add Pay?

Getting Started with Tithely Pay

Looking to Add a Custom Church App, Elvanto, or Breeze?

Our team would love to meet with you! Please schedule a time to connect with us here. 

Wondering Which Credit Card Is Used for Subscriptions, or Need to Update the Card?

For information on how to view the credit card used for subscriptions, or to update the card see our article Viewing and Updating the Credit Card Used for Subscriptions.

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