Adding a New Church or Campus to your Tithely Account

If your organization has multiple campus' or ministries' that fall under a different name you can create an additional church or campus under your Tithely account.

This is great for keeping things separate while being able to access them all in once place. You can customize each setting that you have setup for your main church/campus for your additional locations. 

User Permissions needed to access Giving 
Account Owner, Admin, or Limited Access with access granted to the Giving Product. If you have additional questions please reference this article.

How to Add a New Church or Campus to Your Tithely Account

  1. Login to your Tithely account.

  2. Click the Global Menu (bottom left hand corner).

  3. Select My Organization.

  4. Select Locations.

  5. Click New Location at the top right-hand corner.

  6. Complete the step-by-step process.

    That’s all, you’ve created a new campus. 🎖️

This campus should automatically be enabled for deposits, so you are ready to use it as soon as it is created. This new church or campus will now be listed under Locations in the My Organization section with separate banking, legal and giving information! 

Please Note: When creating a new church or campus, this will create an entirely new giving page that will represent within Tithely as a new organization. 


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