Giving Reports FAQ

How do I get access to the new bank deposits and transactions?

In the Legacy 1.0 menu, click Giving and choose ‘Reports’ from the drop-down options. You’ll be taken to the new Bank Deposits and Transactions space.

Is there an additional cost for using the new bank deposits and transactions?

No! The new Transaction and Bank Deposits reports are available to all Tithely customers at no additional charge.

Can I go back to the previous versions of these reports (Giving Statements + Bank Deposits)?

If you click the ‘Tithely 1.0’ icon in the application menu on the left, you will return to the Tithely 1.0 space.

How do I delete a saved view in Transactions?

While logged in to your Tithely Admin account, Select Giving > Transactions. Click on the views icon (eye at top right of the screen), then click the trash can next to the view you'd like to delete.

How do I just view transactions from a specific location?

On the Transactions page, you can apply a filter based on location. Simply add a filter, click ‘Location,’ and choose the location you’d like to view.

📄 More Information - How to Filter Transaction Details.

How do I view a report of a specific set of transactions?

By applying filters and clicking the Summary button, you can run a report that shows a specific set of transactions based on the filters that have been selected.

📄 More Information - How to Create a Summary Report.

Can I print a summary?

Yes, you can print or download the summary report.
📄 More Information - How to Create a Summary Report.

In what ways can I export the transaction summary?

There are two ways to export a transaction summary. You can either print a transaction summary report or save the summary as a PDF.
📄 More Information - How to Create a Summary Report.

When will a bank deposit be available in my account?

Credit and debit card transactions will be deposited daily with a two-day lag while ACH, eCheck, and bank account transactions can take up to seven business days.

📄 More Information - How often are funds deposited into my account?

Can I see what gifts were included in a deposit?

Yes. By clicking on a transaction and scrolling to the bottom of the detail view, you can click the View All Transactions button to see what gifts were included in a deposit.

📄 More Information - Viewing Your Bank Deposit Reports.

Is there a way to see how much was deposited last month?

Yes, by setting the Date filter to the beginning and end of the month, you can run a summary for any month.

📄 More Information - How to Filter Transaction Details.

How do I view deposits that have been reconciled?

By using the Reconciled Status filter, you can view deposits that have been reconciled.

📄 More Information - Create a Custom Giving Report.

Can I download deposit data?

Yes. You can view all information in a single deposit or download a CSV to view a summary of deposits that will display information matching the filters applied.

I accidentally reconciled a deposit. Can I undo that?

Click the check mark once more to undo the reconciled action.

What are the different deposit statuses, and what do they mean?

There are four statuses: In transit, Paid, Failed and Canceled.

  • In transit: The deposit has been started by Stripe, but the receiving bank has not yet accepted the deposit.

  • Paid: The deposit has been accepted by the receiving bank. The funds should be accessible or will be accessible within 24 hours.

  • Failed: The deposit was attempted, but something went wrong. This is typically because of an incorrect bank account and/or routing number entered when signing up. Please use the Update Bank link on the My Churches page to update your bank details.

  • Canceled: The deposit was canceled before it was accepted by the receiving bank. This is a very rare case that most customers will not encounter.

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