Logging in to View the Tithely Pledge Dashboard

There are several benefits to logging in to your Tithely Donor account when accessing and viewing the Pledge form.

Setting up a Pledge

Logging in to your donor account when setting up a pledge will automatically fill in your personal details and give you access to your existing payment methods.
For more information on making a pledge, click here.

Viewing your Pledge

Logging in to your donor account will give you access to your Pledge Dashboard.
For more information on viewing your pledge summary, click here.

How to Login to View Your Pledge Dashboard

  1. On the pledge form, click the Login button in the top right corner of the page.

    This will take you to a screen where you can log in via Facebook, Apple, Google, your Tithely credentials, or even by having a login link emailed to you.


  2. Once logged in, you can see your pledge dashboard, as well as access your payment methods.

    If you have an existing pledge for the campaign, you'll be taken straight to your pledge dashboard (image on the left).

    If you have yet to create a pledge, you'll be taken to the pledge form first (image on the right).

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