Can we upload our own media to Tithely Media?

Absolutely! Tithely not only offers an extensive library of media content but also provides the flexibility to upload and manage your own media files. This feature, known as My Media, is designed to help you store, organize, and seamlessly integrate your custom media content across various Tithely products. Here's how you can start:
  1. Access Media: Log into your Tithely account and select Media from the Tithely dashboard. 
  2. My Media: Navigate to My Media
  3. Upload Content: Easily upload your images, videos, and other media files directly into My Media. The platform supports various file types, making it versatile for different media needs.
  4. Organize and Manage: Create folders, tag, and sort your media to keep it organized. This makes it easier to find and use the content you need when you need it.
  5. Use Anywhere: Access your uploaded media from the modal in various Tithely products. Whether it's for creating engaging posts, enhancing your website, or adding visuals to your presentations, your custom media is readily available.

By leveraging My Media, you can maintain a unique and personalized media library that reflects your church's brand and message, enhancing your digital engagement and outreach.