Giving Using Text to Give

Text-to-Give is a quick and convenient feature that allows donors to give via text, as long as their church subscribes to the service. This guide walks you through the process from start to finish, ensuring a seamless giving experience from your mobile device.

Getting Started

  1. Begin by texting Give to your church's dedicated Text-to-Give number. First-time users will receive a link to set up or log in to their Tithely account.
  2. Click the link you received via text to start creating or logging into your account. 
    Note: Ensure your mobile device has internet access to complete the setup process without any interruptions.
    If you're creating an account, provide your email, full name, create a password, and set up a four-digit PIN.
  3. Enter your donation amount, choose the fund to donate to, and add your card details.
    Note: ACH/bank accounts can only be added during the initial setup of Text Giving. After this initial setup, you can only add or change to a credit or debit card as your payment method.

Once your account is created you can simply text a number amount (Example: 50) to your churches text to give number and your gift will be made! 

Text Commands

Once your account is created, you can use the following:

Text to Give Actions What to text 
A number to give that amount 100
A number and fund to designate your gift 100 Offering
A number and schedule for automated giving - Monthly 500 Monthly
A number and schedule for automated giving - Bi-monthly 100 Tithe Bimonthly
A number and schedule for automated giving - Weekly 50 Offering Weekly
A number and schedule for automated giving - Fortnightly 250 Fortnightly
Cancel automated giving Cancel Auto
Add "cover" to cover fees of one transaction 100 Offering cover
Cover fees on all text gifts Cover fees on
Turn off cover fees on all text gifts Cover fees off
Add a new payment method Card
List which funds you can give to List Funds
Refund your last transaction Refund
See the initial list of options again Options


Connected Experience

  • Account Linking: Once you log in, your phone number will be linked to your Tithely account, enabling future Text-to-Give donations to be processed smoothly.
  • Payment Management: Access and manage your payment history anytime by logging into your Tithely donor account.

Flexibility and Control

  • Text-to-Give offers donors the flexibility to make donations quickly, manage giving preferences, and review donation history, ensuring full control over their giving experience.

Refund Option

  • Immediate Refunds: If a mistake is made, donors have a limited window of 30 minutes to request a refund via text directly.
  • Post-Window Refunds: If the 30-minute window has passed, donors should contact their church administrator to request a refund.

Important Note
Do not share any of the links you receive when using Text-to-Give with friends or other donors. Sharing these links will link their donations to your account, causing their contributions to appear on your profile and giving statements.

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