If we order more than one chipper, will they be identified so we can assign them to different people, then in the back end, see who 'sold' what?

For churches and organizations managing multiple Tithely Card Readers, understanding how to track transactions and assign devices is key to maintaining clear financial records.

Device Identification and Sales Tracking:

  • Device Assignment: Currently, Tithely Card Readers cannot be individually tagged or assigned within the system. Each device is identical in the backend without unique identifiers.
  • Sales Attribution: Without the ability to tag a reader, it is not possible to directly attribute transactions to specific individuals based on the device used.
  • Alternative Tracking Methods: To monitor who processed each sale, you'll need to employ alternative tracking methods. Consider manual record-keeping or a sign-out system where individuals log which device they use for transactions.
  • Future Considerations: As Tithely continues to develop its technology, the potential for device tagging and improved tracking features remains an area of interest. We appreciate feedback and look for ways to enhance our systems to meet the growing needs of our users.

This guidance aims to help your organization adapt to the current capabilities of Tithely Card Readers and plan for effective transaction management.

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