Resolving Access Denied Errors and Completing Your Tithely Sign-Up

Navigating the Tithely sign-up process can sometimes present hurdles, such as access denied errors or incomplete sign-ups. Whether you're signing up your church for the first time or returning to complete the process, understanding the steps to overcome these challenges is crucial. This article will guide you through resolving sign-in issues and completing your Tithely sign-up, ensuring you have everything set up for your church's needs.

Overcoming Access Denied Errors

  • Incomplete Sign-Up: If you started the sign-up process months ago but didn’t complete it, your initial attempt may be causing the access denied error.
  • Required Information: Realizing you need additional information, such as an EIN number, is common. Gathering all necessary details before attempting to complete your sign-up can streamline the process.
  • Email Already in Use: Discovering your email is already being used can be frustrating. This typically occurs if you've previously attempted to sign up or if there's an existing account tied to your email.

Steps to Resolve and Complete Sign-Up

  • Church Login:
    • If you encounter an access denied error when trying to sign in, navigate to the church login section. This is a crucial step if your email is recognized but you can’t access the account.
  • Retrieving Account Access:
    • If you’re unable to sign in because your email is already in use, use the password reset feature to regain access. This can help if you’ve forgotten your password or if you need to set a new one for an incomplete account.
  •  Completing Your Sign-Up:
    • Once you've accessed the church login or reset your password, proceed to complete the sign-up process. Ensure you have all necessary information, including your church's EIN number and any other required documentation, to successfully add Tithely services to your church.


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