What To Expect In The App Form

This article provides a comprehensive list of questions from the App Form to help you prepare the necessary information in advance. However, you don't have to compile every detail before beginning the form. Any required edits or additional information can be provided after your app's initial setup is complete.

Steps You Will Find In The App Form:

Please download the demo app to view the seven different layouts available.

Organization Information

  • Organization Name
  • Contact Name
  • Contact Email
  • Contact Phone Number
  • Organization Website
  • Organization Email
  • Organization Phone Number
  • Organization Address
  • App Logo/Icon

App Content

  • What Layout do you want?
    • There are a few follow up questions depending on which layout you pick. 
  • What tiles or cards would you like on the home page?
  • In what order do you want the tiles or cards to appear?
  • Cloud Image URL (Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.)
  • Integrations
    • Blog, announcements, or bulletin RSS feeds
    • Sermon, audio, and video RSS feeds
    • Event/calendar iCal feeds
    • Social media URLs
    • Vimeo and YouTube channel URLs
  • Special Instructions (optional)

Please note: It's not necessary to collect every detail before completing the form. To expedite the app-building process, submit the form with the information you have. Rest assured, you can make edits and fine-tune the app's appearance after the initial build is complete.



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