How to Submit A Feature Request for a Tithely Product

Do you have a great feature that could make one of our Tithely Products better serve your church and community? We want to hear your voice! Here is how you can provide our Development Team with feedback on our Products.

How to Submit a Feature Request From The Tithely Dashboard (Logged In)

  1. Select Resource Center (The question mark icon).
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  2. Select Contact Us.
  3. Select Request Feature Update.
  4. Select the Product you would like to submit feedback for.
  5. Submit feedback. 

How to Submit a Feature Request

  1. Head to our Feature Request site HERE.
  2. Find the Product you wish to leave feedback for.
  3. Fill out the short form on the left and click "Submit"
    Note: You can also review other feature ideas and upvote them!

Please know that these feature requests do not fall on deaf ears--all feedback is read by our Product team and is used for future development efforts. We love these requests, as the feedback helps us serve churches even better. Feedback from churches is, in fact, the number one reason we add new features!

Note: We receive a large volume of ideas from our subscribers, making it challenging to provide individual updates on the status of each submission. However, you do have the option to subscribe to receive notifications, ensuring that you'll stay informed about any developments related to your contributions.

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