How to Make a Donation (Desktop)

Discover the simplicity of donating through Tithely! Learn to navigate various giving methods like online, text, and app donations, set up recurring contributions, and access tax receipts. This guide ensures donors can support their chosen church or organization with ease. Note, donations to multiple funds require separate transactions for each fund at this time.

Tithely Tip

Your church's Giving Form can display fields for different types of information based on how your church has configured their Form. Because of that, the details displayed in this article may not match your Form exactly, but it will walk through the basics of donating to your church.

Accessing the Giving Form

  1. To make a donation, navigate to the Give section of your church's Form:Screen Shot 2023-07-11 at 9.32.00 PM.pngIn the above example, the Form is configured to collect Address details. This is an example of an optional field that a church can choose to add to their Form. The details that are always requested are:
    • Amount to Give - Set the amount you would like to Give. Note that if you choose to Cover the Fees, then you will give slightly more (the final amount will be indicated in the Give button at the bottom of the Form).
    • Fund - This designates the Fund that you want your donation to go toward.
    • Giving Schedule - Set whether your donation is a one-time donation or a donation you would like to give on a schedule (weekly, monthly, etc...).
    • Payment Method - Choose how you want to donate (Credit Card, Bank, etc...).
  2. Fill out all the details until the Give button turns black.
  3. Once all details have been added, press the Give button at the bottom of the Form.

Tithely Tip

Other fields included in your church's Giving Form may be required in order to donate, but the above fields are the only fields that exist on every Form.

If you access the Giving Form while you are not logged in, then there are 4 additional fields that you must fill out before donating:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address - This is the email address that will be used for sending your tax statement
  • Phone Number

Giving Schedule Options

The Giving Schedule can be set by selecting one of the options shown at the top of your Form. As you choose different selections, additional options may be displayed:

  • When the Day of the Week or Day of the Month selectors are shown, they will automatically pick the current day. For instance, if you are giving on Sunday, September 10th, then the Day of the Week selector would automatically pick Sunday and the Day of the Month selector would automatically pick the 10th. From there you can adjust the day to be whatever you choose.

Tithely Tip

If you select a day of the week or month that is not the current date, then nothing will be given immediately and your first gift will be given on the selected day of the week or month.


Payment Method Setup

The Payment Information section will differ based on whether you are logged in or not, as well as whether you have a payment method on file.

  • When Not Logged In: If you press the Payment Information button, a popup will appear to allow you to set up a new payment method for your donation. The top section lets you select the type of Payment Method (e.g., Card or Bank Account), and the section below enables you to enter the corresponding details. Once you've filled in the required information, click Add New Payment Method to save it for future donations.
  • While logged in and If a payment method is already on file, then if you select the Payment Information field, it will open a modal that shows all Payment Methods on file for the account:

    From here, you can either select an existing Payment Method, or you can press the Add Payment Method button which will open a popup that allows you to add a new Payment Method for making your donation.


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