How to Adjust Language on the Giving Form

The Tithely Giving Form offers support for multiple languages, allowing donors to access the Form in their preferred language. This article will explain how the Form determines the language based on browser settings, how to change the language if needed, and what to do if your desired language is not currently available.

Changing the Language:

Should you wish to change the language displayed on the Giving Form, you have the flexibility to do so at any time. Look for the Language dropdown menu, conveniently located in the top-right corner of the screen. This dropdown allows you to select your desired language from the available options.

  1. Select the Language Drop Down.
    Note: The default is set to English (US).
    Screen Shot 2023-07-11 at 1.55.56 PM.png
  2. Select your preferred language.
    Note: The page will refresh with your selected language.


Browser-Based Language Selection:

The language displayed on the Giving Form is automatically chosen based on the language set in your browser. Upon accessing the Form, it will adapt to your browser's language settings, providing a seamless and personalized experience. Please note that the language is not linked to your church's language settings but is instead determined by your individual preferences.


Defaulting to English:

In cases where your browser's language is not one of the languages currently supported by the Giving Form, the Form will default to English. This ensures that users can still navigate and use the Form effectively, even if their preferred language is not available.


Language Selection Across Different Form Areas:

The Language dropdown is accessible in most areas of the Giving Form, including sign-in and login flows. This feature is especially useful as you may find yourself in various Form sections with differing languages, based on your browser settings.


Missing Language Support:

Tithely has designed the Giving Form with easy scalability for adding new languages. However, if the specific language you are looking for is not currently available, we encourage you to reach out to our support team. By contacting us, your church can inquire about adding support for the desired language, enabling a more inclusive giving experience.


With the language selection seamlessly adapting to browser settings, donors can comfortably engage with the Form in their preferred language.

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