Accepting Cryptocurrency Donations with Engiven

At Tithely, we are committed to empowering churches and organizations with innovative solutions for donation management. We have partnered with Engiven to offer churches the ability to accept Bitcoin and 22 other cryptocurrencies. This strategic collaboration opens up new opportunities for your ministry to embrace the digital age and provide alternative giving options to your congregation. 

Getting Started with Engiven

 To begin accepting cryptocurrency donations, follow these simple steps:

  1. Sign up on Engiven: Visit and create an account with Engiven. 

  2. Add the Donation Button: Upon signing up, you will receive a button to add to your church's website, conveniently placed next to your existing donate button. This button acts as a gateway for visitors to your website to make Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency donations.

  3. Enable Cryptocurrency Donations: With the donation button in place, visitors to your church's website will have the option to donate using Bitcoin or any of the other 22 supported cryptocurrencies. This expanded donation capability opens doors to a broader donor base and provides an additional avenue for supporting your church's mission.

Important Considerations

  • Separate Tracking: Cryptocurrency donations received through Engiven will not be included in your account. Instead, you will have a dedicated Engiven account to track and manage these donations separately. This ensures transparency and allows you to have a clear view of your cryptocurrency contributions.

  • Conversion to Standard Currency: As a church or non-profit organization, you may want to promptly convert Bitcoin donations or other cryptocurrencies into standard currency. This practice shields your funds from the volatility of the cryptocurrency market. Engiven offers solutions to convert these donations efficiently, allowing you to maintain stability and predictability in your financial management.

Benefits of Accepting Cryptocurrency Donations

Integrating cryptocurrency donations into your Tithely account brings several advantages:

  • Broader Donor Base: Accepting cryptocurrencies expands your reach beyond traditional payment methods, attracting donors who prefer or hold digital assets. This inclusivity cultivates a diverse and engaged donor community, fostering a sense of belonging and dedication to your cause.

  • Streamlined Donation Process: By providing a seamless cryptocurrency donation experience, you eliminate friction in the giving process. Visitors can contribute quickly and securely, enhancing their overall giving experience and encouraging recurring support.

  • Demonstrating Technological Advancement: Embracing cryptocurrency donations showcases your church's forward-thinking approach and willingness to adapt to emerging trends. It positions your organization as tech-savvy and appeals to a younger demographic that resonates with innovative and convenient giving options.

By leveraging the strategic partnership between Tithely and Engiven, you can now accept cryptocurrency donations alongside traditional payment methods. This expansion broadens your donor base and aligns your organization with the evolving digital landscape. Stay ahead of the curve, provide a modern giving experience, and make a lasting impact with the support of Tithely and Engiven.

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