Getting Started With Your Custom Church App

Embarking on the journey of creating a custom church app with Tithely is your gateway to deeper engagement with your congregation. This concise guide covers everything from signing up to launching your app, including subscription details and design preferences. With just a few simple steps, you'll be on your way to offering a dynamic, personalized church app experience. Get ready to transform how you connect, share content, and interact with your church community through your very own custom app.

Signing Up

  1. Log into your Tithely as an admin or Create a new Church Account.
  2. From your navigation menu select Apps
  3. Review your subscription details for your new app. 
  4. Select if you would like to use an existing or new card for billing. 
  5. Select Confirm Subscription
  6. You are now subscribed to your custom church app!

Next Steps

After signing up for your custom church app there are a few steps before you are able to go live.

  1. Complete your design questionnaire.
    • After signing up you will be directed to start filling our your design preferences.
      Note: If you do not see this right away after subscribing, select Apps from your navigation menu or refresh your page.
  2. Our team will get to work! 
    • Once we receive your response we'll start designing your custom app! 
      Note: This process can take 3-5 business days to complete. 
  3. You will receive an email to log in and review your new app.

Navigating Your Featured Layout

Below is an example and walkthrough of the Tithely Featured layout of our Custom Church Apps! John will walk us through navigating the app and all the features that come along with this layout. 




Tithely Church App Glossary





The App Dashboard is the website where app edits can be made:


An app admin can add/edit content through the app Dashboard.

Page Layout

The layout of the home page of the app.


Tabs are the buttons that show up on the bottom bar in the app, and the more menu.

Analytics  As of March 15th, 2024 Church App Analytics is in development. See more details in Church App Analytics Update March 15th, 2024


The area where you can integrate feeds into your app for events, audio, videos, and social media.

Sermon Notes

A feature that allows the admin to create an outline of a sermon. Users can follow along to the sermon and fill in their own notes from the app.

Push Messages

Messages that pop-up on the user's device after they're sent in the app dashboard.


A feature that allows users to watch live sermons and chat from within the app.


Audio allows you to upload mp3 and mp4 tiles to the app, as well as add new RSS feeds.

Prayer Wall

Prayer Wall allows users to interact by posting prayer requests, committing to prayer, and commenting on the app.

Sermon Series

Sermon Series allows sermons to be sorted by series in the app, instead of ordered by date.

App Pages

Customizable pages that display information using text, pictures, and embedding content.

Container App

An app available through our Tithely Church App.

Developer App

An individual app available directly on the App Store and Google Play.

Developer Account

The Apple and Google account needed that will allow us to add a custom app to the store.


You're now all signed up and ready to engage with your church with your new custom church app!

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