When working to update your Subscription and Billing payment information it is a simple process that ensures you see no delay in service. Here’s you can update your card: 

  1. Log onto your Tithe.ly admin account
  2. Click on “Subscriptions and Billing” in the left menu
  3. Put in your new card information and click “Update my plan!”
  4. That’s it! Your card has now been updated for the Subscription. Also, if you want to change your subscription level, just click on the plan you would like and follow the above steps as well! 

Changing your church’s payment information doesn’t have to be a difficult process, and with Tithe.ly it’s a breeze! 

Note: A message may pop up that says “Thank you for subscribing” you can ignore this message unless you intentionally added a new subscription to your Tithe.ly account. 

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