Primary, Secondary, Tertiary and their contrasting colors set in Site Design, are used throughout the website. This ensures that the website has a clean and cohesive look and feel.

Your set colours and counter/contrasting colour are found within blocks, header, footer colour settings. These colours are used as text and background (or overlay) colour options along with a a neutral palette.

Access Your Site Colours

  1. Login to your Tithely Admin account and select Sites from the left-hand menu, or login to your Tithely site directly.

  2. Click the Admin menu at the top right of your site.

  3. Select Design

    Here you can see and set your Primary, Secondary, Tertiary, and contrasting colors colors that are used throughout the website.

🌟 Tithely Tip: You can choose from (and adjust) the pre-selected palettes on the colours page. If you're looking for more inspiration, check out Adobe Color which has thousands of free color palettes.

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