Tithely Sites is an easy to use custom website builder designer specifically for churches. 📄 More Information: Tithely Sites.

Does your church need more than one website? Perhaps you need a standalone website for a summer camp, large ministry or outreach program. No problem! You can setup multiple sites with Tithely easily.

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Additional sites are $19 USD a month. We waive the $149 USD setup fee for additional websites 🎉
Tithely Sites requires no contracts and you can cancel anytime.

How to Sign Up for Additional Sites

Currently only one Site can be linked to your Tithe.ly Dashboard. For that reason, we ask that you please setup your first website (or at least walk through the initial site builder to generate a staging site).

After you've setup your first website with Tithely, click the button below to get started on your additional site! 😃

Templates in the Site Builder

Templates are simply a starting place. You will be able to customize the your site design after the initial build.

  1. Template 1

  2. Template 2

  3. Template 3

  4. Template 4

  5. Template 5

  6. Template 6

How long will my site setup take?

2-3 business days after you've completed the form, you will receive an email from our team with the staging domain and a username/password to access the additional site.

How Does Our Team Access Our Additional Websites?

Access the website through the website domain (or staging domain) and use the login link found in the footer or by adding /login after the domain.
Example: yourchurch.tithelysetup.com/login

Before your website has launched, the domain will be a temporary staging domain ending in "tithelysetup.com" (or similar).

Please Note: Currently only one Site can be linked to your Tithe.ly Dashboard.

📄 More Information: Accessing Your New Tithe.ly Site

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