The Transaction Entry Block can be placed on any page on a Church's Website. Below, we create a new page called Tithely Giving to guide you through the process.

How to Set Up a Transaction Entry Block With the Rock RMS Payment Gateway

  1. Login to your internal Rock RMS.

  2. From within the Admin side of your local Rock RMS, click 'CMS Configuration' from the list inside the 'briefcase' icon.

  3. Click 'Pages' from the options provided.

  4. Add a page for 'Tithely Giving' as you would add any page in Rock RMS.

  5. Under 'Blocks From Page' click on 'Add Block to Zone'.

  6. In the picker that opens, enter whatever name you'd like. For 'Type' choose 'Tithely Transaction Entry'. Choose other options desired and click 'Save'.

  7. Click the settings 'gear' icon for that block to configure.

  8. In the picker that comes up, choose 'Tithely' for the Credit Card Gateway and ACH Gateway. Select other desired configurations (unrelated to the Tithely Gateway) and then click 'Save'.

Helpful Notes

Fund / Location Mapping
We do not currently support Fund Mapping or Location Mapping for this integration. All transactions from Rock RMS (regardless of fund and location) will be sent to a single Tithely Location and Fund.

All transactions within a single date are automatically batched and sent over to Tithely once a day.

Cover the Fees Transaction Amounts
In the event a donor chooses to cover the fees and gives a gift to multiple Rock funds, the fee amount will be split up and added to both gifts / funds.

Scheduled Transactions
The Transaction Entry Block does support the ability to do scheduled transactions. The Rock 'Schedule Id' = the Tithely 'Recurring Gift Id'.

Cancelling a scheduled transaction on Rock with cancel the recurring gift on the Tithely side.

The Transaction Entry Block does support the ability to do refunds. When processing a refund, make sure to check 'Process refund through financial gateway'.

If you try to refund the same transaction more than 5 times, the user's account can get locked. If this happens, please contact Support.

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