You can create mobile only blocks easily on Sites!
We'll guide you through how to below πŸ˜ƒ

How to Optimize a Block for Mobile

  1. Login to your Site.

  2. Nagivate to the block you'd like to set up for mobile, or create a new block.

    πŸ“„More Information - How to Add and Edit Blocks

  3. Click Edit Block.

  4. Select Settings.

  5. In the Display Block On section, ensure the mobile device is green. To turn off the block for desktop and tablet simply click on their icons until they are greyed out.
    Please Note: You will still be able to see the block as an admin, however it will be dark grey on your site when logged in.

  6. Adjust your content to your liking for mobile devices.

    🌟 Tip: To optimize a block background image for mobile, make the graphic 760px wide x 680px high, and set the height to 50.

    πŸ“„More Information - Image and Photo Dimensions

  7. You're done!

🌟 Tip: Minimize your browser window to see what your site looks like from a tablet / mobile view.

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