From your church foyer to your fundraising event, Pay is simple to set up and can take contactless payments anywhere-anytime. 🎉

An overview of the Pay Shop, including links to articles with further information, can be found below.

How to Access the Pay Shop

  1. Open your Pay app and login to your account.

  2. To open the Shop area, click the Shop tab found in the bottom center of the screen.

If you’ve yet to add categories or products, you'll be prompted to add to your Shop! Click Add Items to Shop to create categories. To learn more about creating and editing categories, click here.

How to Add Items to Your Cart

From the Shop dashboard, you can add an item to the cart by tapping the product image. The tab in the upper left-hand corner of the image includes a check mark, as well as the quantity added, so that you know it's been added to the cart. The Shop title also shows you the number of items that are in your cart.

How to Add Multiples of a Product

While tapping the product once allows you to add a single item to the cart, tapping twice allows you to edit the item and add multiples of the same product quickly.

How to Find An Item By Category

You can filter through categories and products using the row of categories under the Shop title. Just tap on the category and it will filter to show only product belonging to that specific category.

For more information on the Pay Shop, click here.

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