The Drag & Drop Email Blast Creator allows you to create Rich Text emails to communicate with your church members.

Within the Drag & Drop email creator, there are three main areas: Content, Blocks and Body. We'll dive into what these are and how to use them below.


The Content section contains several tools available to you while designing your email. Each tool contains additional powerful settings to customize the design of your Blast.

To get started, simply drag a tool (from the list below) onto your email to start creating.

  • Columns

  • Heading

  • Text

  • Image (integrated with Media)

  • Buttons

  • Divider: add a divider to your design to separate content

  • Social: add your social media icons to an email

  • Menu


  • Pre-built Blocks with different column sizes and layouts


This is a great place to start before you begin to add in your content.

  • General

    • Text Color

    • Background Color

    • Content Width

    • Content Alignment

    • Font Family

  • Email Settings

    • Pre-header Text: a short summary that follows the subject line that is visible within the inbox.

  • Links

    • Color

    • Underline

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