You can effortlessly create custom giving reports at any time. Staff and budget meetings just got easier! 🎉 We'll guide you through creating and downloading your custom report below.

Create a Custom Giving Report

  1. Login to your Giving Admin account.

  2. Select Giving from the menu on the left-hand side of your screen.

  3. Select Transactions from the Giving menu.

  4. Click on the Filters button. Customize your report by selecting which filters to include.

    There are several custom filters you can apply to these reports:

    • Funds

    • Location

    • Product

    • Payment Type

    • Filter by Date


  5. When you are finished customizing your filters, click Apply.

    This will load the Transactions page to show your filters.

  6. Click the small Export File button in the top right-hand corner to download the .csv file on your computer.
    Please Note: This will prompt you to download the report file, which will download to your computer's default download location. If you have trouble locating the file, please check your internet browsers download bar or your computers download folder.

  7. Next, click the Columns button. Select the Columns you'd like to display.

    Time Saver Tip: If you have just set the filters and columns for a report you will be regularly viewing, you can name and save this view by clicking on the Views button.

    Once you have applied Filters and Columns, you can view those transaction details on the screen. You can toggle between pages at the top and bottom of the page on the right-hand side.

  8. If you need to export this file, you can select Export File for the CSV download.

  9. That's it 🎉 You've your own created a custom giving report.

    If you selected a date range:

    If you have selected a date range, you also have the option to download a Summary Report. To do this, click on Summary Report on the top right side of your screen. Then you can click on Print, which will prompt you to download this report as a PDF.

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