1. Why has Tithe.ly made the push into giving 2.0?

    There are a few reasons we are changing to our Giving 2.0 space:

    1. We've built our 2.0 space using our single sign on feature. This means that you'll be able to access Giving and ALL of our other new products from one area. Saving your church time and frustration, removing the need to navigate between multiple spaces.

    2. We've done ALOT of testing. 20% of our churches are already in the 2.0 space. We've been working with these churches to help us determine any bugs and issues the 2.0 space has, and correcting them as they come up. The churches in the 2.0 space have been loving the updates and we're excited to move the rest of our churches into this fresh, updated space.

    3. The 2.0 space allows for a lot more customization and design capability that we weren't able to do in the 1.0 space. Creating a more intuitive, user-friendly experience for you.

  2. Why is some of my data not showing up in giving 2.0?

    This may be because of a filtering issue or bug within the system. This is NOT because of a data breach or missing data. All data is synced across both platforms and we will do whatever we can to ensure your data populates correctly!

  3. Why does 2.0 take longer to load?

    Since this is a newer product, the fields may take longer to load. However, this is a temporary issue that we are currently working on and the processing time will decrease through time!

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